Monday, 1 November 2010

HB kak delio :)

hey hey !

Happy birthday to you kak Delio a.k.a Nursuhaiba Suhaili :)
I wish you a good health, success and happiness
Be happy always and stay cute, errr ?haha.

Nothing special for you dear,
maybe present i bagi sekali time kat airport nanti.hihi
boleh kan?
Take care, smile always, chaiyok2 for current final exam
and your degree,insyaAllah amin !

Who is she?
tadaaaa !!

'Kak Delio yang tudung putih tue

     Rasa nya nie dah ketiga kali aku wish untuk malam nie
FB dah, sms dah and now through blog
hehe,apesal entah 
terlebey excited la pulak

p/s : Pape pown esok jangan lupe kita nak nak buat clearance sama2 ye :)

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