Friday, 26 February 2010

Family gathering 2010

Tak sia2 aku balik CNY nie.Dapat jumpe semua cousin mazen,aunties n gilew !!!hehe.enjoy it so much.Thanks to our organizer,pak tam n mak tam.hehee.Next year nak pegy mane plak eh?bukit gambang cam best je kan?desa ru?wooo,anyway,it depends to our organizer next year.share some of our pics...^^

venue :bourgnvilla PD
date :15-16 feb 2010 (CNY)
members :35
activities :sport/games for cucu atuk :)
              celeb befday boy,fareez asyraf
              dinner&penyampaian hamper for every family,etc.
half of the family

after maen game '"cari gula2 dlm tepung' 

                                             second group,lead by my brother.haha.;D


smile :) :)

let's jump together.lalala...
from left :me,iwan,syfq,ajan(adek)

Haha,second jump...^^
wif my uncles 

 da penat sgt da bdk2 nie.tue la,swimming x hengat dunia..hee. 

cumeyl kan?eee,geram eh...

Lastly,thanks to our organizer for this year...

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