Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Motif bagitau?

I have two blogs actually. This is my first blog, which i wrote anything about my life in general, my activities and what makes me happy. For my second blog is like my actual dairy and of course the place that i can express my sadness, motivation and some wishes maybe,only me can access this second blog okay. hehe :PP

According to Dr.HM Tuan Iskandar in his book, you have to tell someone or at least express your feeling to other people or write it anywhere so that it can lessen your burden in your heart. Oh, maybe its true, I already have my own diary, how about you? 

P/s: Try it bebeh, best tau bila baca balik, tersenyum sorang2 dibuatnya.hehe.. Pelik lah,apa motif aku sebenarnya nak bagitau pasal dua blog bagai pe semua nie?hmm,rasa artis la kan,haha~

Pelik dengan diri sendiri ^_^

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