Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Final interview at HSBC.

HSBC, Cyberjaya.

Alhamdulilah, done for my final interview. Penat sebenarnya datang interview nie kan, yelah nak kena bercakap,perah otak lagi nak bagi the best answer, etc. Interview aku nie kat Cyberjaya as Global Support Executive (GSE). Okay, untuk position GSE nie aku apply kat jobstreet. HSBC HR staff call dan bagi email suruh aku datang pada 7 February 2013.  Mula-mula kena ambik grammar test. Banyak gila kau soalan dengan tak cukup masa. Lepas 20 minit macam tue, HR staff panggil nama aku untuk interview. Ouh, rupa nyer sesiapa yang lepas grammar test akan dipanggil interview, yang lain kena balik terus,huhu.

Just chit chat with HR staff about half an hour. Aku rasa time nie dia nak tengok kita speaking and confidence level kita je. Borak dan gelak2, sebab aku rasa macam borak dengan kawan je dengan interviewer tue, best gila,hehe. Alhamdulilah, aku lulus dan akan dipanggil untuk final interview nanti. Haa nie baru aku nak cerita pasal final interview yang aku baru pergi tadi. Kali nie interview dengan manager of department kalau tak silap aku. 

Our conversation:

Me: Hello, Good morning

Him: Hello,hi.. (shake hands and smile). You are Nurul Fasharina right? You have attend the first interview. So tell me about yourself. Your school, working experience, personal and any extra values that may be added for bonus

Me: (bla bla blaaa..ouhh a long story. What  I can conclude is about my personal details, education, practical training experience.hee )

Him: Why you choose HSBC? I mean your education background is admin and I think you can choose other company like public agencies,etc. 

Me: HSBC is a worldwide company that provides a very conducive environment to their employees and customers in delivering and receiving the service. Other than that, I believe HSBC has a good stability in term of finance and management, it can be proven when HSBC has been listed in the stock exchange of the world. I have no doubt to join this company at all. Also, it is a good start for me as a fresh graduate to join in competitive company like HSBC.

Him: Good explanation. As a GSE, we need to make transaction from Hong Kong and other countries. There are two main task, the first one is call centre and the other one is data entry. Do you mind to work in shift hour? Because we are international and we work based on country that we deal with.

Me: I have no problem since there is bus provided for HSBC employees in many pit stop and one of it is in Kajang area. According to to him(1st interview), I'll be placed in UK department and the shift will be from 2pm until 9pm.

Him: Yes I know. But what if I place you in New Zealand department, where the shift hour start at 4:30 am. Do you have a problem? And are you driving?

Me: To be honest, I prefer UK department which I can start on evening and can go back home before midnight. I don't think my parent will allow me to start at 4:30am because they consider my safety. Yes, I am driving but I use my brother's car. Maybe for these 2 3 months I need to work in normal working hours before I can buy my own car then it should be no problem to work on midnight.

Him: I understand. I also consider your safety too. Okay no worries, we will put aside New Zealand because I will give you normal working hours. Now let me give you some explanation about the task as GSE. (Bla bla blaa...It was a long story I told you, so let's skip). Then, we have target here whereby you need to achieve at least 20 entries per day and we also provide bonus for employees who perform well every year. For this task, it should be no mistake and must be alert for every transaction of amount. For example, if a customer from Hong Kong want to transfer 1 thousand dollar and it should be stated as  1,000 not 10,000. The extra '0' of course will give difficulty and our customer tend to publish it on media. It gives a bad image of HSBC itself. 

Me: Ouh yes, I understand it. I will try my best to complete my task very well. I heard that HSBC provide a training for new employees right? How the process?

Him: ( bla bla blaa,ouh sorry. I can't reveal it here). So, you know there are many candidates out there with working experience. What makes you different compared to them? 

Me: Even I'm a fresh graduate, I'm willing to learn new things and try the best to complete any job given to me.  I think the best of me is I can easily adapt with a new environment here. I Know majority of employees here come from chinese and indian and there should be no communication problem between me and them. I am also fast learner :)

Him: Ouh good. Can you give me the incident that shows you put some effort and how you settle the job? How can you ensure the job given to you can be complete on time?

Me: ( bla bla blaa, I talked about my final project)

Banyak gile soalan dan jawapan sebenarnye. Not fair la aku bagi tahu semua kan,hehe.Serious kalau nak tahu pergi la rasa interview sendiri,hee :D Bye,nak tido. Penat kena interview tadi tak habis lagi nie. Take care and thanks for reading !


  1. so , you dapat x job tu ?? huh! baca pun dah nervous huhu

  2. Hye wanna..alhamdulilah dpt..dah 2 bulan kerja sini.hehe :)

  3. Hye wanna..alhamdulilah dpt..dah 2 bulan kerja sini.hehe :)

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  5. congrats! keep at it! I've been working for HDPM for close to 9 years now :)

  6. Bpe lama bru dapat tau diterima...

  7. salam..nak tanye..keje die cmner ek? elaun per day how much? hehe

  8. hai... lame tak u nak dapat jawapan yg u ditawarkan kerja tu.. i tgh tggu... tp dah seminggu....

  9. Hye u olss. I tunggu pown almost 3 weeks baru dapat call. What I can advice you is try to email or call any staff from HR dept to know your interview status. Good luck :)

    1. fasha,,,i nk tahu skop keje dia mcm mana ye,,mcm mana nk contact u fasha,,,i nk tahu lebih detail

  10. Wasalam Bella. It depends which process you will be in. For my work, I just need to key in all data and process based on the procedure. Training will be given :)

  11. hye fasha..congrats.u kje kt cyberjaya pnye branch ? thanks for the post.really helpful. :)

  12. nak tanya ..U ade contact number HR HSBS x.. interview saya lepas semua .. tapi x dapat call pun dah 3 minggu

  13. Awak..saya dpt keje kat hsbc buat data entry jgk..nak tanya..bus company dari shah alam awk tau x saya kene tunggu kat mana ye?

  14. hye nk tanya assesment test tu susah x?...lpas assesment ni ad brape lg stage interview ye?

  15. salam hai baru lepas interview 24/4/2014 yg lepas utk post data entry..brapa lama ye besenye tggu nk dpt tau status interview kite?

  16. hi i just nak tanye baru ni i ada dpt call dari hsbc utk interview tapi bila i tengok balik kelulusan adalah dalam bidang media so i nak tanye pendapat u sama ada i patut pergi that interview or not?untuk kelulusan i ni ada ke department utk i dlm hsbc?

  17. Hi..i nk tanya..i da attend interview..test da lepas n last jumpa face to face dgn org tu..dia kata lepas sminggu dia akan call untuk phone assesment..tapi arini da genap seminggu..masih tiada call..apa patut i buat..

  18. hye guys, i cuma nak tahu, skop kerja dia mcm mana kerja ni,Global support executive ni,.sbb i sekarang kerja permanent dekat Jabatan Perhilitan, tp level SPM la,..cuma i ditawarkan juga, jawatan tersebut dekat hsbc,,baru ditawarkan untuk pergi interview,,cuma i sekarang nak berhijrah ke pekerjaan yang guna sijil ijazah i sahaja,..