Sunday, 17 June 2012

Celebrities night look alike !

I'm one of the committees to handle malam pra-graduan dinner June 2012. Alhamdulilah,  we did it and I apologize for any weaknesses of our management during the event. Suddenly the students who came to the event is more than what we have expect. So, there is not enough food for all guests and even we are the committees need to 'ikat perut' to ensure you guys get your own food. 

On that friday, I was so busy with my research and need to rush to the dinner by 6pm ! You know how tired I am on that day, celaru, kelam kabut, Ya Allah, Tuhan je lah yang tahu. Even I have no time to make up myself okay, just a simple compact powder and lip ice,haha..erghh, i don't want to see those pictures please T_T

Thanks for coming everyone and hope you guys will be success in future..

Muka nampak pucat sgt :(

Okay, thanks for reading !

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